Superhero Classroom Decor Re-Imagined- 16 Products You Will Love

It’s time superhero classroom decor got a major update! Traditional superhero classroom themes are red, blue and yellow primary colors, colorful blasts and seriously lacking diversity.

This year for My Taylored Classroom I wanted to stick to classroom decor themes that challenge and reinvent the traditional themes you think of.

The Superhero Classroom Decor Bundle features retro-inspired shades of blue, yellow and red, black and white patterns, and diversity in the superhero kids featured on the products. For me, diversity is extremely important to celebrate in your classroom because you want every student to feel loved and welcomed.

To further promote diversity and inclusion, the superhero classroom product line includes text-editable products so they can be used in any language classroom you teach in.

This decor bundle will help you create the ultimate superhero classroom!


1. Superhero Bulletin Board Kit

I included 3 pre-made sayings, ‘Yes You Can’, ‘This Class is Super’ and ‘Having a Blast In…’.

Also, there are A-Z alphabet letters so you can create whatever saying for your bulletin board that you want! There are 2 designs too you can mix and match.

This bulletin board kit really includes it all!

Everything can be printed from your home or school printer. The student name cards are text-editable. You can print as many accent pieces or banner options you need to fill up your bulletin board.

To print your border, measure the space you need to cover and print as many pages as you need. There are 3 pieces of border per page.

2. Superhero Meet the Teacher Templates

I love these! The Superhero Meet the Teacher Templates are such a great way to introduce yourself to your students and their parents at meet the teacher night. You can include any information you want. I recommend including your contact information and a quick little blurb about your teaching style.

3. Superhero Clock Labels

The Superhero Clock Labels can go around any classroom clock and help your students learn analog time.

4. Superhero Affirmation Station

The Superhero Affirmation Station can go around any style of mirror you hang up in your classroom. It is the perfect way to help your student learn positive self-talk, self confidence and frame a positive mindset.

I personally like to mix and match the colors of the affirmation cards to create a fun pattern, but they are set up so you can print whatever color you want.

The cards come pre-filled with affirmations you can easily print and hang around your classroom mirror. If you want certain affirmations to share with your students, you can edit the cards to create your own!

5. Superhero Alphabet Posters

The Superhero Alphabet Posters have so many options I’m sure you’ll love them all!

You can choose from primary or theme font with either animals/foods, superhero, sign language or basic. The color pattern the alphabet posters make when you hang them up in a line is so dreamy!

6. Superhero Classroom Posters

I can’t get over how cute these Superhero Classroom Posters are! They make a quick bulletin board by simply printing and hanging.

If you want to create posters with your own sayings or for a bilingual classroom, you can edit each poster to say whatever you want!

7. Superhero Birthday Display

The ‘Happy Birthday’ banner comes pre-filled or you can edit the banner to say what you want. Personally, I would make a sign that says, ‘Yay! It’s Your Birthday!’.

The month cards and student name cards come pre-filled in English or you can edit them in Microsoft PowerPoint to whatever language you teach in.

Can you guess what show the fake student names are from?!

The birthday display comes with birthday cards and birthday certificates (both are text-editable). Your students will feel so loved and special on their birthday with a card and certificate from you, their favorite teacher!

8. Superhero Desk Name Plates

You can carry the superhero theme all the way to your students’ desks! Every design comes in a lined and unlined version. You can type in your student’s names on Microsoft PowerPoint or you can print and handwrite them in.

There are versions of each design with boy and girl superheroes if you want to match them up specifically to each student.

9. Superhero Skip Counting Posters

Skip counting posters are a newer classroom decor product, but such a great one to have! These are perfect to display in your classroom for your students who are learning skip counting, counting multiples and multiplication.

10. Superher Teacher Binder Covers

The Superhero Teacher Binder Covers come in 4 different designs with matching binder spines in 5 sizes. They are the perfect way to organize all of your loose papers.

11. Superhero Rolling Cart Labels

Seriously, I can’t get over how great these rolling cart labels look! They are text-editable and include 2 designs to choose from. You can either use the pre-filled labels or you can edit them to personalize to your classroom.

If you want to purchase your own rolling cart, here is a link to the one pictured above from Amazon.

12. Superhero Calendar Kit

The Superhero Calendar Kit comes with everything you need to create a superhero themed calendar, including a printable calendar kit, day/holiday cards, day, month and year cards and a ‘days at school’ tally countdown.

*Taylored Tip: Print your calendar kit on card stock paper and laminate everything so it can last you for years to come!*

If you would like to use the black calendar mat pictured above, here is my link to purchase it from Amazon.

*If you make a purchase from the link above, My Taylored Classroom will make a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting My Taylored Classroom!*

All of the month and day cards are text-editable making them perfect for bilingual classrooms!

The year cards come with the years 2023-2026 pre-filled or you can edit the cards to use it for years to come.

If you don’t have or want to purchase a calendar mat, I have included one you can print out. After purchase, you will gain access to the step-by-step instructions with pictures to show you how to print it from your computer at home and how to assemble it.

The great thing about the calendar kit is that you can use it with whatever calendar mat you want! Every calendar card is created with the intention if can be cut down if you need it to fit a calendar mat you already own.

The date and holiday cards come pre-filled and text-editable. You can create a date card for every event, holiday or birthday you celebrate in your classroom.

You know what’s super cool? The calendar kit now includes a ‘days at school’ tally! You can count every school day with your students with the number tally poster or the day counting grids. I included stars you can use to count!

The day, weather and season cards are text-editable for any language classroom. They can be used with the printable calendar mat or on their own.

13. Superhero Google Classroom Headers

There is no cuter way to decorate your Google Classroom than these classroom headers! The Superhero Classroom Headers come with 10 headers that feature motivational sayings, cute superhero patterns and represent superheroes with diversity.

14. Superhero Google Slides Templates

The Superhero Google Slides Templates are a great resource for presenting your lesson material to your students. They can be used during in-person or virtual teaching. The slides feature a modern take on the traditional red, blue and yellow superhero colors and diverse superheroes.

After purchase, you will gain access to the instructions slides that will take you step-by-step on how to edit each slide, save a PowerPoint copy, and resize the elements.

You have 2 options with your slides, pre-filled and blank headers. Each slide contains ample blank space so you can add your lesson onto the slide without it being overcrowded or distracting for your students.

All of these elements are easy to use! Just copy and paste to customize your slides even further. You can change the size of each element to perfectly fit whatever space.

15. Superhero Shape Posters

The Superhero Shape Posters come in theme colors and a super cute black and white star background. The text is fully editable so you can change them for whatever language you teach in.

The black and white star design of posters come in 2 fonts, primary and theme font. The 2 designs go well together and you can mix and match them!

16. Superhero Teacher Toolbox Kit

The Superhero Teacher Toolbox Kit is text-editable so you can personalize it for every odd and end you have cluttering up your desk. I made one of these my first year teaching and I started a phenomenon at my school! The teacher toolbox kit is easy to edit in Microsoft PowerPoint and both sizes of labels can have text on them.

If you would like to use the same toolbox pictured above, I purchased mine on Amazon and here is a link to grab yours!

*If you purchase the toolbox on Amazon from my link, My Taylored Classroom will make a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting My Taylored Classroom!*

Maybe a superhero classroom isn’t your vibe for next school year? Check out the Plant Boho Neutral Classroom Decor Bundle!

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