How to Use Editable Google Slides Templates in Your Classroom

Are you teaching virtually through distance learning this year? I’m here to tell you that Google Slides Templates are going to make your life a MILLION times easier!

Luckily for you, I have created a ton of cute, themed Google Slides Templates for my Teachers Pay Teachers store and thought I would demo how to use them in this post so you can save valuable time while navigating our new education world of distance learning.

So, what the heck are Google Slides Templates?

Google Slides Templates are pre-made slides that come with editable text boxes so you can simply fill in what information you need to and have a beautiful slides presentation, without having to take time to design the slides yourself.

boho flower google slides templates

PICTURED: Boho Flowers Google Slides Templates

Above is an example of my Boho Flowers Google Slides Templates that I sell in my shop.

Every set of templates comes with 84+ slides, including 2 designs, each with their own ‘Welcome to Class’ slide and 10+ completely blank slides where you can edit to exactly what you need for your class.

To help you customize even more, every set of templates comes with themed graphics so you can style your slides.

Here is how to use Google Slides Templates:

1. Purchase a set of Google Slides Templates

I recommend finding some through Teachers Pay Teachers. That is where I sell mine in the My Taylored Classroom TPT Store!

Teachers, myself included, have created a TON of different themes to choose from that are fully editable so you can custom to what your class needs.

My Farmhouse Editable Google Slides Templates are the most popular to date!

farmhouse google slides templates

2. Download to make a copy for your Google Drive

When you purchase one of my templates, you will be taken to this PDF.

farmhouse google slides templates

Click where it tells you to to access your slides and it will automatically force you to make a copy of the templates.

Why do I force you to make a copy?

Because if I don’t force you to make a copy, you would be editing in the original document I created and everyone who purchased them would be able to see to your changes, AND they wouldn’t be able to make your own changes.

It will look like this when it forces you to make a copy.

make a copy on google

Click the blue ‘make a copy’ button and it will take you to your brand new Google Slides Templates!

This is the screen you will now be taken to after you hit the ‘make a copy’ button.

screenshot of farmhouse google slides

Make sure you give it a new title!

Do you want to know the best part?! This automatically downloads to your Google Drive! It’s really that easy!

FYI: All of my Google Slides Templates come with comprehensive instructions slides that tell you how to use them, print them and how to duplicate them.

3. Begin editing your slides!

I know this may sound intimidating, but I promise you it is not!

My slides templates come with text boxes that are ready for you to fill in your information. Simply click where it says ‘type here’ and begin typing like you normally would. Super easy, I know!

farmhouse google slides templates

ALSO, my Google Slides Templates come with blank headers and organizing bubbles so you can create whatever you need!

screenshot of farmhouse google slides templates

screenshot of farmhouse google slides templates

4. Customize with my extra graphics

Do you know what makes my Google Slides Templates different from others?

My slides come with extra themed graphics that you can copy and paste on to other slides so you can customize even more! I haven’t seen any other sellers provide that.

The goal with my slides is to save you time and make your virtual teaching easier, while providing you the ability to customize in any way you need to to fit your needs.

Check out our Google Slides Templates that are currently available for purchase in our Teachers Pay Teachers store!

back to school google slides templates

boho flowers google slides templates

boho rainbow google slides templates

bright leaves google slides templates

cactus google slides templates

Diversity Google Slides Templates

donuts google slides templates

farmhouse google slides templates

google slides templates growing bundle

ladybug google slides templates

lemons google slides templates

pineapple google slides templates

rainbow google slides templatesstrawberry google slides templates

succulent google slides templates

taco google slides templates



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