10 Diversity Classroom Posters for a Positive, Inclusive Classroom

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Anyway, back to the posters you are here for!

These diversity classroom posters were a project close to the heart and I think they are so incredibly important for the state of our current nation.

As educators, we tend to teach more than just a standardized test or what the state curriculum mandates. We end up shaping young minds and futures in our classrooms every single day, whether we realize it or not.

When teachers end up back in the classrooms in the fall, or virtually teaching, students will have had months of hearing about the racial injustice in our country. Students will have questions and I urge you as a teacher to have discussions with your students about diversity and inclusion.

My hope is that these diversity posters will help to begin the conversation with your students and make every student in your classroom loved, included and represented.

The purpose of these diversity classroom posters is to help you as a teacher to create a positive and inclusive classroom culture.

These posters can be hung in any grade level classroom, with any classroom theme or be posted as their own bulletin board. The choice is yours!













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