Create the Perfect Teacher Toolbox Kit for Your Classroom

Wouldn’t it be great to have a fast and easy solution for organizing all the odds and ends of your classroom? Well, say ‘hello’ to the teacher toolbox kit! The teacher toolbox kit is a simple and easy way to organize all the little things in your classroom to help your desk stay today and efficient.

In this post, I am going to walk you through step-by-step how to use and edit your new teacher toolbox kit.

Plant Boho Neutral Teacher Toolbox Kit

What is a Teacher Toolbox?

A teacher toolbox is essentially repurposing a toolbox, originally intended for nails and screws in a tool workshop, and using it to organize the odds and ends of your teacher desk, such as paper clips, staples, brads and much more.

Why do you need a Teacher Toolbox?

Because it is the ultimate teacher hack for your classroom organization! It will make your life SOOO much easier to have all the little things in one place clearly labeled. Time is precious in the classroom and you don’t need to waste teaching time looking for something. Not to mention, it is a fun and simple DIY project you can do in a few minutes!

What do you need to create your own Teacher Toolbox?

This DIY project is super simple! You will need to purchase a toolbox, have access to a printer and have scissors and tape handy.

How to Put Together Your Teacher Toolbox Kit

To create this custom teacher toolbox kit, you are going to need to head to either Amazon, Lowe’s or Home Depot to pick up a toolbox. Originally, these are intended for nails and screws in a workshop or garage, but as teachers, we are going to use them to hold things like paper clips, markers, rubber bands and so much more.

PSST…just a head’s up! This post contains an affiliate link to the toolbox I use. I included the link to make it easier for you to find. If you purchase from my link it will be at no additional cost to you and it will support My Taylored Classroom to continue providing great content for teachers! Thanks!

This is the toolbox I purchased. It was easy to order off Amazon. Also I picked ‘black’ because I felt like it would match the best, but you can always spray paint it a different color if you prefer!

When you purchase a teacher toolbox kit from me on Teachers Pay Teachers, this is what the screen will look like after you purchase.

***Keep in mind when you purchase a teacher toolbox kit from MTC that you will need Microsoft PowerPoint to edit the labels!***

You will click on the green ‘download’ button and begin downloading your new teacher toolbox kit.

*TAYLORED TIP: It you have trouble opening the folder, make sure it is ‘unzipped’.*

Inside the folder, you will find our terms of use/credits page and a Microsoft PowerPoint file. The PowerPoint file contains your labels and is the program you will use to edit and personalize your labels.

In the PowerPoint file, you will find pre-filled labels followed by editable labels. The pre-filled labels will have basic items listed, like ‘staples’ ‘highlighters’ and ‘sticky notes’. They are ready immediately to print.

There are 2 sizes of labels. The labels are created intentionally with wider margins because it is impossible to have the exact measurements for every toolbox out there. They are created to fit the toolbox featured earlier in this post. If they are too big for your toolbox simply cut them down to fit.

plant boho neutral teacher toolbox labels
large plant boho neutral teacher toolbox labels

To use the editable labels, you can type in the provided text boxes. If you want to change the size or font of the text, use the toolbar at the top. (The font used was purchased from another seller on TPT. If you want to use the same font you will have to purchase from them and follow their instructions for installation and use.)

You have many different color options and designs to choose from so you can customize your teacher toolbox exactly how you want to.

Once you edit your labels, simply cut them out and tape them on to your drawers. If you don’t want to tape them on the outside, you can place them on the inside of the drawer.

TAYLORED TIP: You can laminate the labels to help them stand up for longer over time.

And viola! You have the perfect teacher toolbox kit! Check out the TikTok video below to see my process of putting mine together!


A teacher toolbox is a great and easy tool for classroom organization! 🍎 Stay organized 🍎 Keep your desk neat and tidy 🍎 The little odds and ends have a home 🍎 Never waste valuable time searching for supplies 🍎 Just because it’s aesthetically pleasing πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ #classroomorganization #teacherdesk #plantclassroomdecor #teachertoolboxlabels #teachertoolbox #classroomdecoration #classroommanagement #classroomsetup #teacherorganization

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