Beautiful Vintage Floral Classroom Decor Will Make Your Classroom Cozy

This theme will have your classroom feeling cozy like Grandma’s house

As the school year approaches, the excitement and anticipation of setting up a new classroom space are palpable. Every educator knows that a well-decorated classroom can make a world of difference, not just in aesthetics, but in creating an inspiring and welcoming environment for students. If you’re on the hunt for a decor set that combines beautiful florals, moody colors, and grandma vibes, look no further than our Vintage Floral Classroom Decor Bundle. This collection is designed to transform your classroom into a beautiful, engaging, and functional space where learning flourishes.

Why Choose the Vintage Floral Classroom Decor Bundle?

1. Timeless Beauty: This is a classic theme that never goes out of style. It brings a sense of calm and elegance that both teachers and students will love. The delicate floral patterns and moody, darker colors create a soothing atmosphere, perfect for fostering concentration and creativity.

2. Encourages a Positive Learning Environment: Research shows that a well-decorated classroom can positively impact student behavior and engagement. The Vintage Floral Classroom Decor Bundle helps to create a warm and inviting space where students feel comfortable and motivated to learn.

3. Customize to Your Classroom: This bundle has many text-editable products included so everything can say what you need it to say. The text-editable options make this decor bundle bilingual-friendly. I call that a win!

What’s Inside the Vintage Floral Classroom Decor Bundle?

Our bundle is thoughtfully curated to include everything you need to transform your classroom. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get:

1. Bulletin Board Kit: Comes with 3 sayings, A-Z letters (to create your own saying), student name cards (text-editable), banners, borders and accent pieces.

2. Calendar Kit: Keep your students informed and engaged with our stylish calendar, weather cards and ‘days at school’ tally. It is perfect for morning circle time!

3. Classroom Posters: The Vintage Floral Classroom Posters help bring the positivity, and the cozy, into your classroom. These are also text-editable so if you teach in another language, or just want to create your own saying, you can do that.

4. Teacher Toolbox Kit: The best way to keep your teacher desk organized is with the Vintage Floral Teacher Toolbox Kit. You can use Powerpoint to edit the labels and create the exact toolbox you need. It keeps all of the little odds and ends clean so you can keep teaching.

5. Teacher Binder Covers: A simple classroom organization hack is to use binders. Our text-editable binder covers and matching spines in 5 sizes make getting organized quick and easy.

6. Slides Templates: The Vintage Floral Slides Templates include Google Slides and Powerpoint. There are pre-filled and blank slides so you can effortlessly and quickly create a presentation. These are a real time saver!

7. Rolling Cart Labels: The easiest way to organize the many papers you will use over the school year is with the Vintage Floral Rolling Cart Labels. There are a few designs to choose from and you can edit the text on the labels. It’s the perfect way to organize your classroom.

Benefits of the Vintage Floral Classroom Decor Bundle

1. Save Time and Effort: Setting up a classroom can be time-consuming, but with our all-in-one decor bundle, you can save valuable time and energy. Everything you need is included in one cohesive package, allowing you to focus on what you do best – teaching.

2. High-Quality: Our decor is made made from high-quality artwork and vibrant colors. You can be confident that your decor will print beautifully and look great all year long.

TAYLORED TIP: Print all of your new decor on card stock paper and laminate what will be used heavily. This way it will last all school year.

3. Affordable and Cost-Effective: Buying decor pieces individually can add up quickly. Our bundle offers exceptional value for money, giving you a complete classroom decor solution at a fraction of the cost. The best part? Even with printing yourself we are cheaper than a teacher box store!

4. Ultimate Cozy: The beautiful designs in our bundle not only make your classroom look great but also bring cozy Grandma vibes into your classroom, in the best way. The floral patterns will remind you of your Grandma’s house and make your classroom feel like a home away from home.

How to Make the Most of Your Vintage Floral Classroom Decor Bundle

1. Plan Your Layout: Before you start decorating, take some time to plan your classroom layout. Think about the areas where you want to create focal points, such as the bulletin board or classroom calendar, and how the decor can enhance these spaces.

2. Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match the items in the bundle with other decor elements you may already have. This bundle is versatile and pairs well with a variety of styles and colors.

3. Make What You Need: Most products in the bundle have editable text so you can create exactly what you need for your classroom. ‘Taylor’ everything to what you and your students need.

Don’t Miss Out – Transform Your Classroom Today!

The start of a new school year is the perfect time to give your classroom a makeover. The Vintage Floral Classroom Decor Bundle offers everything you need to create a beautiful, inspiring, and functional learning environment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your classroom into a space where both you and your students will love to spend time.

Ready to bloom into the new school year with style and grace? Click here to purchase your Vintage Floral Classroom Decor Bundle now!


The Vintage Floral Classroom Decor Bundle is OFFICIALLY here! 🌸🌿🖤 This decor bundle is inspired by grandmas everywhere and has sooo many goodies inside! Everything you need is included and ready for you to customize and make it your own! Fun fact: this is the closest decor bundle to my own personal style, which I guess, makes me a grandma 😂😂 Head to the link in bioooo to grab it NOW on TPT and Etsy! #vintageclassroomdecor #mytayloredclassroom #classroomdecor #backtoschool2024 #editableclassroomdecor #tpt @teacherspayteachers

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